2013 <br> Historical Building

Historical Building

Arsayian Foundation’s message reaches the owner of a historical building in Venado Tuerto, placed in the emblematic corner of Mitre and Casey streets. Convinced of the importance of the foundation’s purpose, Mr Oscar Navarro provides the property under a commodatum agreement, and thanks to his trust and generosity, it’s now the headquarters we know. Thus, in December the building is inaugurated officially. To honor it’s Irish origins, it’s renamed Bayle Danan (Home of Dana, the divine mother according to Irish mythology).

The opening ceremonies are performed between the days 13, 14 and 15. On Friday the Headquarters is activated with music by Rowina Casey (with Irish singings), Sabrina Vicedomini, and Guillermo Cappelluti; and Claudia De Stefano and Matías De Stefano are presented as president of Fundación Arsayian, and Driver of the Message and spokesman of the institution, respectively. During Saturday’s afternoon and Sunday’s morning, ceremonies of reconnection with Pacha Mama are performed to honor the land where the venture is commencing, on the lagoons of Melincue and El Hinojo, respectively. These are natural and energetic centers of the south region of Santa Fe province, and of Venado Tuerto city, each. Finally, on Sunday afternoon, the activities are centered inside and in front of the brand new building, to allow the message’s blossoming from the physical body in Bayle Danan. To activate the space and inform the city about the meaning of the institution the day is full of talks and music. People from different corners of Argentina and several countries participate on this event, with frequency alignments, circular dances (Catalan Sardana and Irish Dance), Argentinian tango, a concert by Patricia Sosa, and acknowledgements to Casey (founder of Venado Tuerto city of Irish origin).