What are the SOMOS (WEARE) meetings?

As Arsayian we are committed to interpreting the message of the world and taking it to every corner.  Being coherent and aligned with that path, we carry out the SOMOS (WEARE) meetings, with the aim of introducing the importance of ontocratic philosophy towards a new humanity.

The movement implies generating a large network of meetings in which public and educational spaces are involved, where proposals are presented and projects developed with the firm objective of promoting a new biological and ontocratic humanity.

With the incorporation of schools and educational centers, the children and youth of the world will help, in a playful and didactic way, to answer questions such as How could we build a world from its very beginning?  The ideas germinated by these generations will be the seeds we will sow in the world. Like time capsules, they will harbor the foundations for the gestation of tools and projects for social change.

How to achieve this purpose?

Just as the Arsayian sages did when connecting with the planetary NETWORK, we hold meetings four days a year, for each SOLSTICE and each EQUINOX. They are free encounters happening in public spaces, in which various tools are shared, based on a proposal of activities conducive to the development of the BEING, both in its individuality and its social evolution.


To celebrate a SOMOS (WEARE) meeting, which fulfills the central purpose of this project, we suggest the following:

  • On the occasion of the solstices and equinoxes, according to the geographical area where the activity takes place, we propose two moments of meditation, one at the beginning and one at the end.
  • Interactive talks where various experiences on the evolutionary development of the BEING are told, by reikists, Ayurvedic doctors, yoga teachers, bio-decoders, among others.


Anyone who coincides with the path proposed by Matías De Stefano; and who feels committed to the awakening of consciousness, with freedom to organize the most appropriate and opportune activities for the meeting.


Proposed by Fundación Arsayian, the meetings are the opportunity for the YOSOY (IAM) groups of the network to come closer, and for all those who are committed to the path of consciousness and evolution.


The meetings must take place on the 21st of March, June, September, and December. Their location may be public or private, freely accessible (squares, parks, municipal centers, schools, etc.) and the time will be provided by those in charge of their organization.